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Reported by Lori Brown

Store clerk murders unsolved

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Only one month into 2009, already more than a dozen Memphis convenience stores have been robbed.

The first deadly store clerk robbery happened Saturday afternoon at a store near the fairgrounds.  

A gunman walked into Food Town on Buntyn Street Saturday afternoon and within seconds shot 19-year-old clerk Mohamed Nagi Ahmed Al Hadi.

Al Hadi later died.

The gunman then tried to shoot the other store clerk and missed.

He went behind the counter and pressed a gun to the clerk's back.

Surveillance cameras captured a clear image of the gunman's face as he left the store.

Then just six and a half hours later, police say a different gunman held up another neighborhood store about a mile away in the 28-hundred block of Park Avenue.

The gunman at Uptown Market shot and killed a 47-year-old clerk.

Police told Action News 5 the two shootings appear to be unrelated which means TWO killers are on the loose.

Store Clerk Isimeli Hazam said, "That make me feel like we're in the jungle.  We've got to decide to eat or be eaten."

Isimeli Hazam works at nearby Save More Grocery.

He knew both of the men who were killed.

Hazam said, "Both of them have families."

Hazam said his store is prepared if a gunman walks in.

A gun is tucked right next to his cash register.

"If he tried to do something to me, I'd protect myself," said Hazam.

Surveillance cameras also monitor the store.

Police said cameras that capture facial characteristics are key.

If you're confronted by a robber police say remain calm and avoid sudden movements that might trigger a gunman to fire.

Also be a good witness by looking for distinct characteristics on the robber like tattoos and birthmarks.

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