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Reported by Janice Broach

Ole Miss basketball coach's arrest caught on tape

CINCINNATI, OH (WMC) - Ole Miss Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy was caught on camera  pleading with cops to release him from custody.

But now, it's what the coach's co-worker said minutes later that will have everyone talking about the arrest.

You may remember back in December Ole Miss Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy was arrested in Ohio.

A cab driver in Cincinnati claimed Kennedy assaulted him and then shouted racial slurs.

Action News 5 has obtained the dash-cam video from the night of that arrest.

And what both Kennedy and his co-worker have to say is shocking to say the least.

A night that began with Kennedy and some co-workers from Ole Miss heading downtown for a few drinks ended with police removing Kennedy from the bar.

The group then got in an argument with a cab driver who called police.

By the time police caught up with Kennedy and his friends, they were in a different cab.

Kennedy said, "Can I speak to you sir?"

The officer said, "No."

Kennedy said, "You won't let me speak to you?."

The police were in no mood to talk with him because it was the second time they had been called.

Kennedy said, "I'm here for the Big East SEC Challenge.  I'm playing Louisville and Rick Pitino tomorrow.  I was the UC head coach.  I'm going to be on national television.  If I'm not standing there at 9 pm tomorrow, this is an international altercation."

The police took Kennedy to the bar so the cab driver who filed the complaint could identify him.

The cab driver told police Kennedy punched him and shouted racial slurs at him after he told Kennedy and his friends there wasn't enough room in the cab for all of them.

Court papers accuse Kennedy of calling the cabbie Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and a Sand N-Word.

Kennedy's friends say the cab driver is the one who used racial slurs calling a black member of the Ole Miss group the N-Word.

Listen to what William Armstrong, the Ole Miss Director of Basketball operations, had to say when the cab driver denied it to police.

On the tape, Armstrong said, "You did everything as much as we did.  You said f**k, get out of my cab, didn't you?  Didn't you say that?  You're a lying mother f***er you did say that.  Didn't you say it?  Say you did it."

The officer said, "That's enough."

Armstrong said, "You said that and you know it."

Armstrong ended up in the cruiser next to his coach.

Kennedy pleaded with police one more time to let him go.

Kennedy said, "Sir, I'm begging you.  I'm looking at you please look at me.  This is a major deal man."

The officer said, "I understand sir, but If I don't I could lose my job."

Kennedy said, "It's not worth it, please trust me.  Please trust me on this.  This is going to be an international incident."

The officer said, "Sir everything you're saying right now is being recorded."

Kennedy said, "No I understand that."

The officer said, "You think we've never arrested somebody that's made national media?"

Cincinnati Police charged Kennedy with misdemeanor assault and Armstrong with disorderly conduct.

Coach Kennedy told reporters today he hasn't yet seen the tape and is simply concentrating on Ole Miss' upcoming game against Auburn.

Kennedy's attorney says the video should help his defense.

He believes the tape shows Kennedy was compliant with the officer.

The coach is scheduled to go on trial April 20th on a misdemeanor count of assault.

If convicted, that charge carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

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