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Reported by Jason Miles

Woman attacked outside East Memphis grocery store

EAST MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis woman is recovering after an attack outside Whole Foods Market in East Memphis.  

The grocery store is located at Poplar and Mendenhall.

The woman gave Action News 5's Jason Miles a first-hand account of what happened.

She works for the Commercial Appeal and is now making front page news.

She didn't want to be identified out of fear.  

She was shaken up by what happened in that parking lot.

The victim said, "He just kept hitting me and hitting me and hitting me in the head."

The relentless blows by her attacker were still fresh in her mind Tuesday night.

She said, "In a flash, without any way to protect myself."

The 61-year-old Commercial Appeal employee is making headlines herself after being beaten and robbed in the parking lot of Whole Foods in East Memphis.

She said, "I was like the second car from the building."

It was broad daylight around 10 o'clock Monday morning.

But her attacker surprised her just after she loaded her groceries.

She said, "And then forceful hit from behind."

After the beating, her purse was gone and she was left unconscious across the front seat.

She said, "When I came to, I was in a pool of blood and my nose was smashed."

The attacker, another man and a woman later used the victim's credit cards at Spin Street Music and to buy a flat-screen TV from a Radio Shack where they were caught on surveillance camera.

Memphis Police spokesperson Monique Martin said, "We have an open investigation at this point to see if we can develop and suspect and determine if those credit cards or personal items from her purse can be located."

Meantime, the victim plans to be more vigilant.

She said, "When things like this happen I don't know if I'll carry a purse with me, put things in my pockets."

Even in places where she thought she was safe.

This victim hopes other women, in particular, learn from her story.

Whole Foods has increased its security as a result.

Guards now patrol the lot during business hours every day and no longer just at night and on weekends.

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