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Reported By Andy Wise

Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: scores as of 1/25/09

Two Shelby County restaurants failed their inspections this week.

City Donut, 6335 Stage Rd. on the edge of Memphis and Bartlett, failed with a 65.  The report lists "waste water leaking from handsink"; "food stored uncovered"; and here's one of my pet-peeves:  a broken toilet plus "no soap/paper towels."

The inspector used the word "dirty" 11 TIMES to describe the restaurant's conditions.  

I called the restaurant.  The woman who answered was rude and unprofessional.  She handed the phone over to a woman who could barely speak English.  I was referred to yet another employee.  When I asked him for the name and contact number for the owner, he said he didn't know who the owner was.

Yeah, right.  This coming from the donut shop that still has its Christmas decorations up in February.

City Donut got a 78 on re-inspection.

Danver's, 1468 Union Ave. in Midtown Memphis, failed with a 68.  The report lists "uncovered food" on the shelf and on the roll cart; a "waste water leak"; and a second warning for chicken tenders at unsafe temperatures.  

Danver's chief manager John Golon cancelled an interview we had scheduled with the general manager, John Eggleston.  Golon then issued a statement by e-mail:

" sets high standards for all of the Danver's locations. We regret that the recent inspection of the Union Avenue store fell short of both Health Department standards as well as our own. The cited issues were promptly addressed; the Health Department has re-inspected ...and issued a passing score."

He's correct.  Danver's on Union Ave. received an 82 on re-inspection.


Our viewers voted Huey's as having the Best Burger on Restaurant Scorecard by a 2-to-1 margin!  Since 1970, Huey's has made delicious burgers and sandwiches in a fun atmosphere for both families and singles.

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  The Texas Toast Burger, Huey's onion rings.

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