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Reported by Jason Miles

7-year-old boy receives sexually explicit material in the mail

HORN LAKE, MS (WMC) - Opening the mail Thursday opened Dalton Stephenson's eyes to something no first grader should ever see.

"Nasty!" says Dalton.

Although marked "private and highly confidential," he thought nothing of opening a letter addressed to him.

"I thought it was from my cousin Josh and I opened it and it was that," says Dalton.

"That" is an advertisement for a male enhancement spray.  The mailer is complete with before and after photos of a "client."  It also includes other sexually explicit images.

"I was very upset," says Dalton's mother, Gayla Stephenson.

She says she has yet to calm down.

"No kid should be allowed to even glance at anything like that," says Stephenson.

She has no idea why this material was sent to Dalton.  His father has a different first name, he's too young to use the Internet, and only subscribes to kid magazines through school.

"I know his name wasn't just drawn out of a hat randomly," says Stephenson.

The return address on the envelope is a California company called Sussex Drive Pharmacology Corp.  We found the company's professional-looking web-site.  It features the company's "director of research" and other explicit photos.  Repeated E-mail messages and phone calls from Action News 5  have gone unreturned.

"They need to be more aware of who they're sending brochures to," says Gayla Stephenson.

She's afraid other children might be on the mailing list.

"They shouldn't do that to little kids," says Dalton.

For now, he is no longer allowed to open any mail.

The Stephenson family has already contacted the Better Business Bureau and plans to report this incident to the appropriate state agency.

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