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Reported by Janice Broach

Feds, local police anxious to crack the case of the doctor's car bombing

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC) - The FBI, ATF and police are all baffled by who planted a bomb targeting a well known doctor in West Memphis.

Nearly 40 HOURS after the device exploded, investigators have dozens of leads but zero suspects.

Now they need your help to crack the case.

Despite the fact that more than 50 agents are swarming Memphis and West Memphis they still don't have the clues they need to make an arrest.

Security around Dr. Trent Pierce's West Memphis home is very tight.

No one is allowed on the property.

Neighbors have an idea of what kind of person would plant a bomb.

Neighbor Harvey Carter said, "Evil, misguided idiot.  He'll be caught soon."

Investigators know the intent of the person who put what the ATF calls a homemade bomb under Dr. Pierce's driver's side bumper.

ATF Agent Stuart Lowrey said, "Let's be clear the purpose is to kill people."

But ATF agents can't say for sure if Pierce was the target.

Sources say Pierce came out to his car and saw a tire in front of it.

When he tried to move the tire, it triggered the bomb.

Sources close to the investigation say Pierce told investigators right after it happened the tire exploded.

Agents believe someone placed the bomb under Pierce's car between 7:30 Tuesday night when the doctor got home and Wednesday just before 8 am when it went off.

Avalon and Cooper is a very busy intersection.

Dr. Pierce lives right on the corner.

Whoever did this had to walk on to Dr. Pierce's property and go about 25 feet carrying a tire and a bomb and do it without anyone seeing them.

Investigators are interviewing everyone including colleagues of Dr. Pierce's.

Agents have more than 50 leads but at this point they are baffled with no clear view of any suspects.

Investigators say Dr. Trent Pierce is still in intensive care at the MED.

He can respond to his wife but he is not talking at this point.

He lost one eye, has a broken leg and wrist and shrapnel from the bomb in his body.

But he is not burned as badly as first thought and will not have to go to a burn center.

If you think you know anything that might help investigators call 1-888-ATF BOMB.

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