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Beebe: Passing tax in Ark. Senate difficult

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Gov. Mike Beebe says he expects getting his tobacco tax hike through the Senate will be difficult, a day after the House narrowly approved the $87.8 million increase.

"There hadn't been any work yet really done in the Senate, so it'll be a difficult task to get a three-fourths vote in the Senate," Beebe said on his monthly call-in radio show Friday. "Twenty-seven out of 35 is very, very difficult, and people will start working on that now."

By one vote, the House approved the tax hike to fund a statewide trauma network and expanded children's health insurance, community health centers and other programs. The bill would increase taxes on cigarettes by 56 cents a pack and raise the tax on other tobacco products - such as pipe and chewing tobacco - from 32% of the wholesale price to 68%.

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