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Reported by Kontji Anthony and Janice Broach

Jackson trial jurors hear from crime scene investigator

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The second day of testimony in the Noura Jackson murder trial played out much like an episode of CSI.

For much of the day, Memphis Police Department crime scene investigator Officer David Payment described dozens of crime scene photos taken June 5, 2005, after the ghastly murder of East Memphis investment banker Jennifer Jackson.

Pictures and testimony detailed drops of blood trailed through the house, bloody footprints, and broken glass.

Noura Jackson, on trial for her mother's murder claimed someone broke into their house on New Haven and Mendenhall and stabbed her mother more than 50 times in her bedroom.

Several photos showed investigators had moved evidence around.  Exhibits #82 and #83 - a golf club and a knife - were seen in different places in different photos.

Payment also talked about the fact the department was, for the first time on this crime scene, using the new Comasi Blue CSI tool to lift blood.

When the photos got graphic, Noura Jackson cast her eyes to the ground.

Payment explained what he does to make sure he does not contaminate crime scenes.
"I double-glove so I don't cross-contaminate items I've come upon," he said.

Testimony also covered physical evidence found at the crime scene.


UPDATE: Evidence could be contaminated, says crime scene investigator

Reported by Janice Broach

A crime scene investigator admitted that evidence could be contaminated.

Noura Jackson's attorneys questioned the ability of one of MPD CSI Officer David Payment, who testified that at least 22 investigators were at the scene of the murder but  there was no crime scene tape up.

Jackson cried as prosecutors filled the courtroom with evidence taken from the home, including the wicker basket found over Jennifer Jackson's head after she was stabbed and the bloody mattress and sheets.

Payment was one of the first investigators on the scene.

In their questioning, defense attorneys tried to show the crime scene had been contaminated.

Defense attorney: "Did you yourself string the crime scene tape around the perimeter of the property on New Haven?"

Payment: No ma'm. A uniformed officer did this. No ma'm, who did that...it was not done."

Payment testified he had asked for crime scene tape, but no one put it up.

Then Defense attorneys produced a photo that clearly shows crime scene tape. 

Defense attorney: "So you were mistaken earlier about the crime scene tape not being put up?"

Payment: "I didn't recollect it being put up."

It's not clear exactly when the crime scene tape went up.

Payment took photos of the crime scene, and defense attorneys asked if Payment had taken notes to explain what he was taking pictures of.

Defense attorney: "Where were your handwritten notes?"

Payment: "They were destroyed. I didn't take none."

Payment testified that the photos speak for themselves.

He spent all of Wednesday on the stand, and much of Tuesday. He has had very little sleep in that time because he works the night shift. He'll have a few hours off before he is scheduled to be back in court to testify on Thursday.

Noura Jackson's clothing has become somewhat of an issue for the court because her attorneys say they've had trouble getting clothing to her. They say the jail won't allow her try clothing on and it's hard to know what size to bring to her. She has been wearing the same suit since the trial began on Monday.

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