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Local church creates 'Faith Stimulus Package'

By Ben Watson - bio | email

BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South church has come up with its own kind of stimulus package, where members from carpenters to babysitters can sign up for a project designed to help others in the congregation weather the recession.

Marilyn Lacrouts,  a member of Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, says the program could set a trend.

"What's about to happen...could become a model for churches around the country," she said Monday.

You can often find Lacrouts helping out around the church.  Now, she and her husband have signed up to use their transportation business to help church members save a little money.

"I think its great," she said. "Anything that is going to help the economy is great."

Lacrouts and others in the congregation who sign up will also offer big discounts.

"We want to offer something for our members to help each other, and in doing that we're putting together what we call the Faith Stimulus Package," associate pastor Todd Pendergrass said.
The goal is to help members weather the recession, while at the same time supporting people in the congregation who offer skills and services.

"Those could be people who are cutting grass or working on cars, or providing tax help for income tax," Pendergrass said.

The church's Faith Stimulus Package will also offer financial counseling, and other tools members need to deal with the recession.  In the coming days, the church will publish a booklet that will help connect members who provide services with members who need them.

"If we have a love for the people, then that should spill over from our church to our city to our nation," Lacrouts said.
The church's pastor will officially sign his Faith Stimulus Package in a ceremony Wednesday, in much the same way President Obama signs official bills in Washington.

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