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Neighbor, friends testify in Jackson trial

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Jurors heard intense testimony Tuesday in the eighth day of the Noura Jackson murder trial. Jackson, 21, stands accused of stabbing to death her mother, Jennifer Jackson, in June of 2005.

Before the jury arrived, Noura Jackson's ex-boyfriend, Carter Kobek, entered the courtroom from the county's lock-up.  Kobek, who was arrested Monday night for driving on a suspended license, was wearing clothing from the jail.

Prosecutors asked Kobek about seeing Noura Jackson get into a fight with a girl.

"Noura punched her, and then the other girl fell on the ground," he said.

Kobek was slow to answer questions about Jackson's alleged drug use.

"I can't say I have actually seen her taking a pill," he said, later admitted to smoking pot with Jackson at her house.

Kobek did not appear in front of the jury Tuesday, but will later in the trial.

Testifying in front of jurors, friend McKenzie 'Koale' Madison, whose fingerprints were found on a drinking glass on the kitchen counter of Jackson's home, said he did drugs with Noura.

"Eaten mushrooms before," he said. "Smoked marijuana pretty often.

Noura's aunts and uncle sat in the galley, all suspicious of her innocence.

Madison said he saw Noura the day before Jennifer Jackson's murder, and did not notice a bandage on her hand.  But she did have a bandage a day later.

Madison said he dropped off Noura at home the afternoon before the murder, and explained how he left his fingerprints behind.

"We had water, I think a beer," he said.

Friend Kirby McDonald then took the stand, also testifying that she smoked marijuana with Noura, and that they drank underage.

Also in court, Sheila Cocke, who lived across the street from Jennifer Jackson's house - the scene of her murder - testified about a fiery exchange she overheard between Jackson and her daughter, Noura.

"I heard Noura say, 'Just give me the f-ing money, just give me the f-ing money!'" she said. "And Jennifer said, 'Shhhh. Let's keep it inside.'"

Cocke said that happened more than once, and that she heard Jackson change her story with police the day of the murder.

"She never gave the same answer twice," she said. "I thought, 'You better be able to come front and center about where you were.'"

During cross examination, Cocke admitted to defense attorney Valerie Corder that she never saw a physical altercation between the two.

Jennifer Jackson's brother then took the stand. During testimony, Eric Sherwood called his own niece "the defendant" and said she kept asking her mother about money.

"Noura asked Jennifer how it all worked, how a life insurance policy works," he said.

Sherwood said Noura also asked who was on the policy.

"She said Noura was on the policies," he said.

Sherwood said when he asked Noura how she got an usual cut on her hand, she told him she cut it while jumping over a barbed-wire fence.

Later, he said, she changed her story.

"She said she burned if on the stove," he said.

Sherwood also recalled Noura demanding her inheritance from her mother, and having marijuana, pills and some sort of pipe.

On cross examination, defense attorney Arthur Quinn asked Sherwood about Jackson's nearly two million dollar inheritance.

"If Noura Jackson's convicted of homicide, you get it, don't you?" he asked.

"Yes," Sherwood replied.

Sherwood also told the prosecution that he and a man Jennifer Jackson was dating had keys to the house.

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