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Jackson briefly testifies in trial

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - There was an unexpected twist Wednesday in the Noura Jackson murder trial when Noura Jackson herself made an appearance on the witness stand.

Noura Jackson took the stand to help the judge make a ruling on whether or not a witness had the right to testify about a conversation she had with Noura the day of the murder.

The witness, Genevieve Dix, was not only Jennifer Jackson's best friend, she was also an attorney.
Defense Attorney Arthur Quinn argued Dix, a prosecution witness, should not be allowed to take the stand.

"You just don't happen to be an attorney," he said.

Dix was victim Jennifer Jackson's best friend, and had a conversation with suspect Noura Jackson the day of the murder.  Judge Chris Craft said he needed someone to vouch that Noura thought she was speaking with Dix under protection of attorney-client privilege.

"I'd be glad to put Ms. Jackson on for that limited purpose," was Quinn's reply.

Jackson testified that Dix showed up when police were on the scene.

"The policeman asked me if I would sign some stuff.  But ya know, my mom had always...I just was always told you don't sign anything without consulting with somebody first," Noura Jackson said.

Noura asked Dix if she should sign a consent to search form.

"She said to me if I had nothing to hide, then sign it, and so I signed it.  But we kind of walked off to the side," Jackson said.
Quinn then handed Jackson the form she signed for police.  Dix had also signed the form, as a witness.  Jackson said in her conversation with Dix, her mother's friend was act as an attorney - not a family friend.

"I knew she was an attorney, and I knew she wouldn't tell me to sign something if I shouldn't sign it," Jackson said.

After cross examination by prosecuting attorney Amy Weirich, Judge Chris Craft said he would allow Dix to testify.
"I find that this was not a privileged communication, because before Ms. Jackson made these statements, she was informed by Ms. Dix - just like Ms. Dix - informed by Ms. Dix that she was not there as an attorney," Craft said.

Craft disclosed to the court he knows Genevieve Dix because they're both local attorneys.

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