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Ex-football star Crawford's high bond questioned by attorney

By Jason Miles - bio | email

Mike Scholl, a well-known Memphis criminal defense attorney, says the $2.5 million bond thrown at former University of Memphis football star Xavier "X-man" Crawford on Friday is unreasonably high.

"That's usually unheard of for these kinds of charges," he said. "An individual's entitled to a reasonable bond."
He says suspects in capital cases often receive lesser bonds.   
"Probably a good example is the Jeffrey Scott case not too long ago," said Scholl. "Where the young man was accused of first degree murder and he was out on bond - a significantly lower bond than that."
A judge set Crawford's bond three days after police say he allegedly raped a pregnant 18-year-old woman inside a condominium owned by girlfriend and former city councilwoman Pat Vander Schaaf.
According to court records, Crawford threatened to kill the expectant mother with a large barbeque fork, held her against her will for five hours and broke her cell phone so she couldn't call for help. 
In an e-mailed statement, a spokesperson for the district attorney writes "These are extremely violent charges, and he has violated his probation on his previous case. I'm sure that was taken into consideration."  
Victims' advocates believe "X-man" needed a strong message. 
"The greatest fear for any rape victim, or any kind of sexual assault or even domestic assault is that the person will come back," said domestic violence educator Carol Holloman.  "Will come back and get them again."
For now, it appears the former football star may be permanently sidelined.
Crawford can apply to have his bond lowered once he has retained an attorney. 

His next court date is in March. By then, Crawford could be charged with another sexual assault for which he's a suspect.

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