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Yemeni community calls for justice in store clerk shootings

By Lori Brown - bio | email

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC-TV) - A Yemeni man has traveled from New York to Memphis in search of justice following a rash of violent store clerk shootings. 

Yasser Alkhader with the Yemen American Association wants answers about crime in Memphis and whether criminals are targeting Yemeni store clerks. 

There are still no arrests in either of the deadly store clerk shootings that happened within hours of each other three weeks ago. Both murdered clerks were Yemenis.
Now the Yemeni Community is coming together in hopes of raising reward money to catch the killers.

Surveillance video showing the shooting of a 19-year-old neighborhood store clerk prompted the Yemeni community to take action against crime.
"When I see him, I cry like three days and not sleep," said Alkahder. "They shoot him in the neck. Didn't even ask for money. They shoot him right away."
Just hours after the shooting of Central High School graduate Mohamed Nagi Ahmed Al Hadi at Food Town on Buntyn, another Yemeni store clerk was shot and killed a little more than a mile away at Uptown Market on Park Avenue.
Police say there's no evidence to connect the two crimes.

"We lost him for no reason," said Alkhader. "When are we going to stop the crime, when?"
Alkhader says he's part of a new group called the Yemen American Association. The group is working to raise $10,000 for a Crime Stoppers reward to help apprehend the shooters of the store clerks.
"We come from New York because this is my brother. I come from long trip to find the killers," Alkhader said.
Alkhader says he traveled from New York to talk to Mayor Herenton in person about the crime problem.
"Why, why, why like this? Is the Mayor asleep? Iraq stopping the crime right Memphis they kill the people for no reason," he said.

A makeshift memorial to the murdered 19-year-old clerk serves as a reminder to the Beltline community that a killer remains on the loose.

The Beltline Community Neighborhood Association is urging anyone with information to come forward.

To contribute to the reward fund, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 525-5122. 


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