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Reported by Andy Wise

Ask Andy: The $4-a-gallon savings club!

Think about when gas here was running around $4 a gallon.


Now think about it the way Jeff Yeager thinks about it!

Jeff Yeager is the man behind, a great consumer site full of creative ways to save money.

He's come up with an idea called the "$4-a-Gallon Savings Club."

Try this:  set aside a "Savings Club Envelope." Legal size, letter size, doesn't matter.  Just keep it someplace safe.

From now on, every time you fill up, calculate the difference between what you pay to fill up NOW versus what you paid to fill your tank when it was $4 a gallon.

Then deposit that cash amount in your "savings club envelope" after each fill-up.  Not only might it help you drive more efficiently, but it also might help you pile up the cold cash!

Yeager lives in Maryland. He says he's been doing this ever since the price per gallon there dropped under $4. 

To date, he has saved more than $700.  There's YOUR challenge!

If you try this, I want to hear how successful you are with it. Try it for the next three months, then shoot me an e-mail at and let me know how much you've been saving! 

I'll announce the winners in May!

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