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100 county positions to be cut, Wharton says

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - One hundred positions inside Shelby County Government will be cut by this summer, Shelby County Mayor A C Wharton told members of the Shelby County Commission at a meeting Wednesday.

"There's no joy in this whatsoever," Wharton told commissioners, adding there was no other way around the economic crisis.

"They did not object to that, so that's the way we're moving forward with that, effective July 1," he said.

Wharton said layoffs will happen across the board.

"Based on the size of the department, and it's ability to absorb the layoffs," he said.

And they're not based on how long people have worked for the county - they're based on performance.

"If you've been there one year and you're doing a good job, you stay," he said. "If you've been there ten years and you're doing a poor job, then they're going to have to go."

Once they've run out of performance-based cuts, Wharton said, officials will consider tenure.

The Sheriff's Office will take the biggest hit, followed by the mayor's own administration, Juvenile Court, General Sessions, the Assessor's Office.  Three cuts will be made from the County Clerk's Office, and two each from the Attorney General, Criminal Court, Juvenile Court Clerk and Public Defender.

Additionally, two people will be cut from the Trustee's Office and one each from Chancery Court, Circuit Court, EOC and the Register.

"These are not vacant positions on a piece of paper that we're going to mark through," Wharton said. "These are actual people who are working today, and there is tragically a good chance that come July 1 they will not be working."

The cuts will save Shelby County $4.25 million.

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