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Teen sisters beat up attacker

By Jason Miles - bio | email

Two Memphis sisters beat up a man they say harassed and attacked them as they walked down a North Memphis street earlier this week.

29-year-old Deric Basquez's face is black and blue in his jailhouse mug shot. 

It all started when Shunice Johnson, 15, and her 16-year-old sister Darnesha went for a walk near their home.

The girls say Basquez began harassing them and making inappropriate sexual advances.
"He was calling us 'b's' and 'h's', and saying, 'yeah baby, you old enough now...it's your turn,'" said Darnesha.
When Basquez got physical, the sisters fought back using items they found on the side of the road.
Shunice says she struck him as hard as she could with a large stick. Darnesha hit him with a brick.

"I think he learned his lesson: that you shouldn't walk down the street messing with nobody when they ain't bothering you," said Darnesha.
The girls say Basquez hit them back. Darnesha's arm remains in a sling. 

But the girls say they're certain things would have been much worse if they'd done nothing. Their mother agrees.
"You know, I ain't mad at them," said Diane Thomas. "That's what they supposed to do...you know, protect theyself."
Basquez is being held on a $60,000 bond on two counts each of soliciting a rape and aggravated assault.

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