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Jarvis Greer

At Least One Ratings Service Thinks Tigers are #1

While the Clock is ticking down to the Big Showdown between Memphis and UAB tonight in Birmingham, the Tigers Stock is zooming up among Basketball Prognosticators.

While the U of M may NOT be Number One in the Polls, the Tigers ARE Number One when it comes to Ken Pomeroy, a respected Basketball guru who rates every NCAA Division One Program...

All 344 of them.

Pomeroy uses a complex series of stats, he says, is more of a predictor of what WILL happen, than what's already taken place.

It's updated daily on a pythagorean calculation for expected winning percentage.

Got that?

Anyway, Pomery says the purpose of his system is to show how strong a team would be if it played tonight, regardless of injuries or emotional factors.


Pomeroy's Poll ranks Memphis ahead of North Carolina, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, and Duke.. Teams that have all been ranked #1 in the regular Polls this season.

You can read more about Ken Pomeroy's poll by going to our Website at and click on Sports.

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