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Attorney speaks out about Freeman lawsuit

Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman
The car Freeman and Meyer were in was heavily damaged. The car Freeman and Meyer were in was heavily damaged.

By Janice Broach - bio | email

The attorney representing Demaris Meyer, the woman suing actor Morgan Freeman, spoke about the lawsuit Friday to Action News 5.

Meyer's high profile celebrity attorney, Gloria Allred, was with her client at a press conference Wednesday as Meyer spoke publicly about the accident for the first time. Both Freeman and Meyer were injured in the crash.

Photos from 2009 of Meyer, posted to her Facebook page, show a seemingly happy woman out with friends. But at Wednesday's press conference, Meyer looked markedly different from the Facebook photos, instead looking tired and stressed, and hoping to dispel talk she is the other woman in Freeman's divorce.

"I was not and never have been his mistress, nor was I the cause of the marriage to break up," she said. "I am also not 'Miss Daisy,' as I have been referred to."

Meyer, who worked for 25 years as a secretary at FedEx, wants money from Freeman.

"She was just an innocent victim in all of this," Allred said. "She was just sitting in the passenger seat and we need him to take responsibility."

Allred tells Action News 5 Freeman has given Meyer "a pittance" and she should get more money because the accident has changed Meyer's life.

In her lawsuit, Meyer maintains Freeman was drinking.

"He did have some drinks," she said.

Action News 5 then asked Allred if Freeman was drunk, or if anyone performed a sobriety test on him.

"I'm sure all the facts will come out at trial," she replied.

Allred would not be specific, and the Mississippi Highway Patrol will not release the accident report to the media. But law enforcement officials at the time of the accident said there was no indication Freeman was drinking.

Meyer does not ask for a specific amount of money in her lawsuit. She wants a jury trial, where the jury would decide what - if anything - she should get.

Morgan Freeman's attorney did not want to comment because of the lawsuit.

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