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Rural residents look for home foreclosure fix

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

We've talked about how home foreclosures are hitting Memphis and Shelby County, but how is this growing problem affecting rural residents in our viewing area? 

Huit Claybon is one west Tennessee resident who doesn't want to lose his house.

"I've been in my house 12 years and made 138 payments in 12 years, and I've never really missed a note," Claybon said.

Even though Claybon has proof he's never missed a payment, he's still facing foreclosure.

And now he wants to know why. 

"Its been tough on me...they've been switching mortgage companies on me and claiming they haven't been getting payments and stuff," he continues.

Several months ago, Claybon called Memphis Area Legal Services for help.  Lawyers there say home foreclosures often hit rural residents the hardest. 

"They seem to be more willing to believe other people and to take people at their word and perhaps trusting is a better word," said Memphis Area Legal Services lawyer Mary Maham.

In 2008, Tipton, Fayette and Lauderdale counties reported 744 properties with foreclosure filings.  Experts say many home foreclosure can be prevented when homeowners communicate with their lender.

"You get the sense that they're living on the edge of desperation," Mayham said.

And if rural residents are forced out of their home, there's few places to go.

"We don't have big apartment complexes out here...we don't have lots of rental property because people still farm," said Freda Turner with Memphis Area Legal Services.

If you live in Tipton, Fayette, or Lauderdale county and you too are facing foreclosure, you can contact the Tipton County office of Memphis Area Legal Services toll free at 1-888-207-6386.

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