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'Biggest Loser' audition turns in to big memory

By Jamel Major - bio | email

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - For Jeanine Burnside, a chance at becoming the next Biggest Loser turned out to be an even bigger experience.  Traveling to Nashville to stand in line for eight hours to audition for the NBC reality show was only the beginning.

"Freezing, pouring down rain," was how Burnside described the line as she waited to audition. "Everybody's got umbrellas, sitting around with blankets and you're soaking wet.  How can you look good to go into an interview with all that's going on?"

Burnside also didn't realize what was happening on snow-covered I-40.  On the way back home to Hernando, Mississippi, Burnside, who was traveling with her mother and father, ran into the major traffic tie-up there. 

"We had moved a total of one mile in like four hours," she said.

It would turn out to be an eleven hour wait, in bumper to bumper traffic.  Burnside and her family were stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no food.

"We talked about the fact that all we had in the car was two Diet Cokes and a half a bag of Fritos, and if we got hungry that was going to be our meal," she said.

And that wasn't the only problem...

"The only hard part was thinking, 'How are we going to go to the bathroom in 13 inches of snow?' and there's no way to go," she said.

But Burnside and her family knew they had to make the best of the situation...

"We got out of the car," she said. "We played in the snow.  We took pictures.  We made a snow man. We were going to do a really big one, but it was cold."

Burnside was grateful to eventually get home safely.

"You pray and pray and pray for 13 inches of snow," she said. "You can't get mad at God for giving it to you!"

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