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Memphian Lil Rounds has high hopes for 'Idol'

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - From a very young age, relatives say Lil Rounds was the entertainer in her family.

"She's always been singing around the house, and you know, she was always an entertainer for us," cousin Jackie Bougard said.

But now singing is a very serious business for the 23-year-old from Memphis.  She's made it to the top 36 contestants on American Idol, and Tuesday, she hoped to sing her way to the top 12. 

"She has the gift, and that's what it is - a gift," Bougard said.

Like the rest Lil's family, Bougard is bursting with pride. 

"Who would have thought this little girl would be on national TV in Hollywood?" she asked.

While Lil has been busy rehearsing in Hollywood, relatives have been busy in Memphis drumming up votes.
"We've been passing out flyers, we've been putting up flyers, we've been soliciting everybody's votes, and just, you know, gearing it up," Bougard said.

Rounds success thus far is a story of strength and courage.  She's a wife and mother of three small children who was too busy to pursue her musical dreams. 

Last year, disaster struck when a tornado in the Hickory Hill area destroyed her home.  But because of her love for her family, relatives aren't surprised Rounds persevered.
"I think that's what keeps her going, and that's what keeps her giving her all, is her babies, her husband and her family," Bougard said.

Rounds' fans and family, including her three children, cheered her on at the Abners restaurant on Goodman Road in Southaven Tuesday night, while her husband watched in Hollywood.  Rounds will find out if she makes it to the final 12 on 'Idol' during Wednesday's broadcast.

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