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Jarvis Greer

Lady Vols 5th Seed in Women's S.E.C.

And a rare position for the Tennessee Lady Vols in the S.E.C. Women's Tournament at Little Rock.

The Lady Vols enter as the Number 5 seed, meaning they don't get a first round by for the first time in more than a decade.

Tennessee plays Alabama in round one Thursday.

Ole Miss opens Tournament Play against Arkansas at Noon on Thursday.

Mississippi State plays the last game of day one against South Carolina at 9pm

State's Alexis Rack and Rebel Bianca Thomas earn All-SEC First Team Honors.

First Team All-SEC

Whitney Boddie, AU

*DeWann Bonner, AU

*Sha Brooks, UF

*Marshae Dotson, UF

*Allison Hightower, LSU

Bianca Thomas, UM

Alexis Rack, MSU

*Christinia Wirth, VU

Second Team All-SEC

Ceira Ricketts, ARK

Ashley Houts, UG

Angel Robinson, UG

Victoria Dunlap, UK

Eleia Roddy, UK

Angie Bjorklund, UT

Shekinna Stricklen, UT

Merideth Marsh, VU

Jennifer Risper, VU

All-Freshman Team

Ericka Russell, UA

Lyndsay Harris, ARK

Ceira Ricketts, ARK

Trumae Lucas, UF

*LaSondra Barrett, LSU

*Lakeisha Sutton, SC

*Shekinna Stricklen, UT

Glory Johnson, UT

All-Defensive Team

DeWanna Bonner, AU

Allison Hightower, LSU

Chanel Mokango, MSU

Armelie Lumanu, MSU

Jennifer Risper, VU

Coach of the Year

Nell Fortner, AU

Player of the Year

DeWanna Bonner, AU

Freshman of the Year

Ceira Ricketts, ARK

LaSondra Barrett, LSU

Defensive Player of the Year

Jennifer Risper, VU

6th Woman of the Year

Charity Ford, ARK

Scholar-Athlete of the Year

Christina Wirth, VU

*Unanimous Selection

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