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Internal audit uncovers TVA employees' $6.6 million spending spree

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

Liquor, TVs, Xboxes...all for employees of the Tennessee Valley Authority, and you footed the bill.

When you pay MLGW, you pay the TVA, a federal agency that provides MLGW with power and sets your utility rates.

But it seems TVA employees abused their power when they went on a credit card spending spree of $6.6 million.
The past year has been a rough one for the Tennessee Valley Authority. First there was the massive ash spill. And now, an internal audit has uncovered a multi-million dollar credit card bill -on your dime.
The two-year audit by the Office of Inspector General found "fraud, waste, and abuse" of the company credit card.
The bill includes repeated purchases of wine, beer and liquor, as well as video game consoles, televisions, TiVos, DVD players and yard equipment.

TVA employees charged $180,000 on electronics alone. They say the products were incentives for power company workers.

Another red flag was the unauthorized purchase of software to remove evidence of internet use.
TVA Spokesman John Moulton says the agency will impose stricter oversight on spending, including "additional management controls on making sure managers will look at every receipt and approve all purchases."


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