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Former cop says golfing officers should have been fired

By Jason Miles - bio | email

HERNANDO, Miss. (WMC-TV) - Citizens applauded as the three officers caught playing hooky while on duty pleaded their cases before the Hernando Board of Alderman on Tuesday night.

After three hours deliberating behind closed doors, the board decided to demote the officers.
"I understand the board's decision and take the punishment," former Hernando Assistant Police Chief Shane Ellis said after the meeting.
The decision is something many Hernando residents are also willing to accept.
"I think they shouldn't have been fired exactly," said Camille Jenkins.
Lon McDurmon agreed. "I mean, what they did wasn't the worst thing in the world. There's people who've done worse."
But a former Hernando police officer says the officers "should have been terminated."

In an exclusive interview with Action News 5, the officer, who asked to remain anonymous, claims he was forced to resign for simply cursing during a traffic stop. 

He says the language was only used in reference to a beard the driver had grown.
"I said 'I know you,'" the former officer said. "He said, 'I know you too', and I laughed and said, 'The last time I saw you you didn't have all that **** on your face."
He says he considers playing golf for four hours while on duty a far worse offense.
"In my opinion, that's a misuse of taxpayer funds," said the former officer. "If you want to put it plainly - embezzlement."
He says he believes the case should have been handed to an authority higher up than the city's board of aldermen. "I think there should be a criminal investigation done about it." 
Alderman Jamie Tipton refused to comment on the details of the board's decision because it's a personnel matter. But he says he's prepared to deal with any backlash come election time.


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