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Reported by Andy Wise

Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: scores as of 2/22/09

Mice, mice and more mice.  Just like the last time.

Rodents and their excrement are why CK's Coffee Shop, 7665 Poplar in Germantown, TN, failed its second health inspection in two weeks -- another 69.

"We got somebody working on that," says Marty Pruitt, CK Germantown's manager.  "They put out traps, and so other than that, that's about all I can tell you."

Trust me, that's all anyone needs to know about your restaurant, Ms. Pruitt.

La Perla, 7209 Winchester in Hickory Hill, also failed its health inspection with a 69.  The health inspector's report cites an "employee did not wash hands...before handling food."  It also cites the restaurant three times for leaving "food uncovered" on counters, fridges and freezers.

"I know I have no excuse to, I mean, but...we got some new help back in the kitchen, so they tend to forget," says Albaro Rico, La Perla's manager.

To Rico's credit, he gave Action News 5 a tour of the dining area and kitchen.  All food and food containers were covered and sealed, except for those being used at the time for preparing dishes. 

We have high hopes for La Perla's next health inspection!

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Vanelli's Deli, 7873 Farmington, Germantown, TN, 901-754-2246?

Brothers Charles, Daniel and Thomas Vanelli treat everyone like family at their deli.

"My wife and I have come twice, and they call us by our first names," says Walter Moddle of Germantown.  "The food is excellent."

The atmosphere is always festive.  Everyone's all smiles and great service.

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Thomas Vanelli's Italian Spinach with Italian Sausage and Romano Cheese.

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