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Commissioners moving past heated meeting

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Two Shelby County commissioners are calling a truce.  You may recall the heated marathon meeting when commissioners voted along party lines to appoint Democrat Matt Kuhn as a replacement for outgoing Republican David Lillard's old seat.

It was a scene that drew eyebrows together, after Republican Wyatt Bunker vehemently opposed Kuhn's appointment to the District 4 seat.

But Wednesday, they showed up at a Shelby County Commission committee meeting looking like twins, and acting chummy.

Our cameras captured Bunker and Kuhn in the same blazer in cozy conversation Wednesday, one week after Bunker had a fit over Kuhn's appointment.  Right after Kuhn's appointment, Bunker threatened to drop out of his next race and run against the Democrat for the mainly Republican seat, arguing incumbents always have the advantage.

Though the two men were friendly, bunker re-affirmed that he would run for Kuhn's seat if the interim commissioner runs in the next election.

"Yes. I will fulfill my commitment there and I'm looking at Matt right here," Bunker said. "This might sound strange to people, but if he does decide to run, I will fulfill my commitment there and run as the incumbent."

But Kuhn said his position as Commissioner for District 4 was only temporary.

"As I said when I was appointed, this is an interim appointment for me," he said.

So the answer is no - Kuhn will give up his seat when the term runs out.

Perhaps they made up during rehearsals for the Memphis Gridiron show.  The two are in a skit together for the annual musical roast of Mid-South politicians and news makers.

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