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Reported by Andy Wise

Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: scores as of 3/01/09


He always starts our phone conversations with a sigh.

I'm talking about John Golon, owner of Danver's restaurants. 

Shoot, I'm known to grab a sandwich at a Danver's from time to time. 

But this is the second time I had to call Golon about one of his restaurants failing its health inspection.

This time, it's the Danver's in Germantown, TN, at 1831 Kirby Parkway.  The Memphis-Shelby County Health Department inspector gave the restaurant a 65

The inspector's report cites an "employee put on gloves without washing hands"; "No hot water at handsink"; "Shelves rusty in walk-in cooler."

The inspector used the word "dirty" nine times.

Golon's always good for a response, as long as he's allowed to put it in writing.  Here's his e-mail response, word-for-word:

"Danver's Restaurants has been in operation for close to 40 years and management sets high standards for all of the Danver's locations. The recent inspection of the Kirby Parkway store fell short of Health Department standards and we apologize for the following:

  • Installing a low flow hands free faucet in the women's restroom sink 2 years ago that does not allow the hot water to reach temperature fast enough.
  • Allowing a dented can to be stocked on a shelf after delivery instead of placing the dented can in the office for return to the distributor with the other 2 dented cans already in the office.
  • Allowing an employee to put on clean gloves without first re-washing their hands after speaking to a guest having just washed their hands seconds before speaking to the guest.
  • Allowing the temperature of the individually sealed coffee whitener to exceed 41 degrees.

The cited issues were promptly addressed; the Health Department has re-inspected the location and issued a score of 85 without these 4 violations.  Danver's remains committed to serving all our guests in a clean environment."

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Como's Steakhouse, 203 Main St, Como, MS,

One word:  STEAKS!  Oh my gosh, you've got to see the size of Como's rib eyes, racks of lamb, filet mignon, porterhouses, where do I stop? 

The chefs grill their masterpieces smack in the middle of the main dining area.  The restaurant sits inside a 120-year-old mercantile store with an aura of character and nostalgia.  They also have a secret Wham! sauce for the beef.  Oh, so good!

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Any steak cut, oyster bar upstairs, second-story balcony service

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