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Memphis couple escapes death in Alabama rampage

By Jason Miles - bio | email

The driver's and passenger's side windows of their SUV are shattered. The windshield is marked with a bullet hole. 

A routine rest stop went terribly wrong for the Memphis couple who encountered the gunman in Alabama's worst killing spree.
"We feel very, very lucky to be alive," said Smith Wilson.
She and husband Bob stopped in Samson, Alabama, on their way back from a spring break trip to Florida.
The couple pulled out of a gas station just as the killing spree began.
"I looked out my side mirror and I saw a maroon car approach," Wilson said. "And in the driver's side window -- it was a rifle."
The couple tried to stop their vehicle, but couldn't.
"The gunman came up beside us and shot five rounds into the passenger's side window and then the driver's side window," said Wilson.
She's says she's confident they would have died if they hadn't ducked. "It probably would have gone through the vehicle and hit us."
They drove their bullet-riddled SUV another 15 miles and flagged down a game warden. 

He filled the couple in on the deadly rampage, telling them presumed gunman Michael McLendon was among the dead.
"To see him coming and shoot us like that. And know we were unharmed, but know he ended up killing 10 people," said Wilson. "It just breaks my heart."
They later learned that a woman had been shot and killed coming out of the gas station seconds after they had left.  And a man was shot in the parking lot.
Wilson, a law student at the University of Memphis, hopes she and her husband can return home by the end of the week. For now, they're staying with relatives in Auburn, Alabama.      

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