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Investigation continues as friends mourn model's death

Lisa Davis Lisa Davis

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Close friends continue to mourn the death of Lisa Renee Davis, the 29-year-old Bartlett woman whose body was found in northeast Shelby County earlier this week. 

Authorities believe Davis was killed by Austin Agee, 21, a Lakeland man who later took his own life before he could be questioned by police.

Thursday, home video provided by Davis' close friend, Shannon Lazek, showed Davis and Lazek during a recent road trip.  The video brought back memories that left Lazek hurting.

"I'll be okay for ten minutes, then five minutes I'll start crying because we have so many memories together," Lazek said in an interview.

Memories like their road trip to New Orleans, and the ride home after undesirable results.

"She could turn anything into just having so much fun," Lazek said.

Lazek met Davis years ago when both modeled as showgirls one night at a casino.  Lazek hopes the home video she's sharing shows Davis as people knew her - a regular, caring person.

"Not only was she beautiful on the outside, she was beautiful on the inside, too," Lazek said.

According to Lazek, the pair was supposed to model at B.B. Kings last Saturday night, but decided against it through text messages.

Davis went to Beale Street with a group of friends and turned up missing.  Her body was found in a field after Austin Agee, a member of that group and a suspect, killed himself.

"From what I hear, she wasn't even being social with him," Lazek said.

And that leaves her with a lot of questions, even through the grief.

"She wanted to be an actor," Lazek said. "She wanted to be a model. She wanted to do all these things. She had the ambition. She was going places."

Lazek said she is curious to see the autopsy report.

You can watch more of Lazek's home video with Davis by clicking here.

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