The S'mores Frappucino is making a comeback

The dessert coffee gods have answered our prayers - Starbucks is bringing back the S'mores Frappucino!

  Man arrested after impersonating ICE agent, taking cash from construction workers, deputies say

Patrick Mullany is facing charges of robbery, false imprisonment and impersonating a police officer.

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  Family could be homeless as Hurricane Michael funds run out

For Martha Bartlett and her family, there’s nowhere to call home. Assistance has run out and their new place isn’t ready yet.

  Woman shows her behind, unleashes racist tirade on African-American family on Easter Sunday

Jessica and Kevin Hollinger were charged with harassment and disorderly conduct among other charges.

  This has been the longest flu season in a decade

After 21 weeks, nearly 18,000 hospitalizations and over 57,000 deaths, this is officially the longest flu season in a decade.

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  New words have been added to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary

640 words have been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary!

  Kohl's to accept Amazon returns nationwide starting July

Kohl’s retailers have worked out an agreement to accept returns from Amazon customers.

  SCOTUS to hear case over census question citizenship

the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the Trump administration’s bid to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census

  Leader of armed group stopping migrants at U.S. border boasted of assassinations

The leader of an armed group stopping undocumented migrants who cross from Mexico, had boasted about training to assassinate important figures.

  Donald Trump will make first UK state visit

Donald Trump to come to the United Kingdom in June for an official state visit.

  City gives homeowner 10 days to remove thousands of boxes from yard

The town of Salem will remove the boxes and bill Michael Bates if he doesn’t address the problem. The thousands of boxes contain printers.

  Man buys paper for grandson’s school after learning it ran out of supplies

When Walter Buse found out Falcon Hill Elementary needed paper, he went shopping. “You'd think I carried in a basket of gold the way they acted at the office,”

  Video: Woman rescued from sinking vehicle

Three Good Samaritans saved a woman from a vehicle that was sinking into the Schuylkill River.

  Militia leader was training group to assassinate Democrats

A militia leader was arrested over the weekend on gun charges. The group allegedly kidnapped asylum seekers.

  SCOTUS considers census citizenship question

  White House stands in ‘open defiance’ of subpoena

  Woman says ex hid in her attic for 3 weeks

  Woman arrested after courthouse fire

  Bill would change NC body camera law

  Investigator calls out suspect in Indiana girls' slayings

Indiana State Police released a new sketch and new information in the killings of two Indiana teenagers in 2017.

  Trump Organization sues Rep. Elijah Cummings

The Trump Organization is suing Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

  Water cascades from high-rise in the Philippines

A powerful earthquake rocked the Philippines on Monday.

  New info coming in Delphi teens' slaying

Police are holding a news conference on the case of two teenage girls who were found slain in Delphi, IN, in 2017.