Major storm system to impact the Mid-South

A potent low pressure system will move through the area overnight and tomorrow bringing rain, a threat for storms, strong winds, and possibly snow.

Very active pattern this week

Cold is here to stay and tracking more rain

Earthquake reported in Mississippi Delta

A major change in the pattern

One more round of rain to endure

Snow Potential For Mid-week

Continued Coverage

Gusty wind and heavy rain on the way!

Clearing sky leads to cold night

Second earthquake in 4 days centered in eastern Tennessee

More rain to come

Rain building overnight, sticks around to end week

FIRST ALERT: Tracking winter weather across the Mid-South

Winter Weather Advisory issued for part of the Mid-South

Friday evening, the National Weather Service in Memphis issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for northeast Arkansas, the Missouri Bootheel, and northwest Tennessee that will go into effect at 3 a.m. Saturday morning and remain until 6 p.m. Saturday evening.

Breakdown: Why lightning can strike the same place twice

Lightning can strike the same place twice and sometimes even multiple times.

  FIRST ALERT: Wintry mix possible this weekend

Cold temperatures will continue as we push into the weekend. Mix that along with moisture building into the area and we are tracking the potential for wintry mix for portions of the Mid-South.

Breakdown: Why it feels so cold when it’s windy

Wind chill is how the wind makes the body feel when the wind is blowing on a cold day.

  Breakdown: Why your car thermometer is usually inaccurate

Chance of Snow This Weekend

Cold front brings the threat of storms & heavy rain

FIRST ALERT: Tracking storm chances Friday night into Saturday morning

Rain moves in later Friday

Your First Alert Forecast for holiday travel

Cold Front Will Bring Cooler Changes

A cold front will bring cooler temps Monday

  Recap of November Mid-South snow event

The snow has come and gone and now we are getting a better look at how much snow the Mid-South received on November 14th.

MDOT: Not clear if I-269 bridge was treated for ice before deadly tour bus crash

Mississippi authorities say they don’t know if the interstate was treated for ice before a tour bus crash left two dead and dozens more injured Wednesday.

First Alert Weather Day: Snow blankets Mid-South

Thursday is another First Alert Weather Day in the Mid-South.

Victims identified after Tunica-bound tour bus overturns on slick Mississippi highway

Two people are dead and 44 others are injured after a tour bus overturned in DeSoto County, Mississippi, about 40 miles south of Memphis.

Blytheville schools close early due to weather conditions

Blytheville school district officials decided to dismiss schools early Wednesday, for safety’s sake.

  Send us your snow day pictures!

Enjoying the snow day? We want to see! Send us your photos.

Breakdown: Why November snow is rare in the Mid-South

Wednesday and Thursday's forecasted snow would be the first time since 2014 that snow fell in the Mid-South. That month, we received 0.3 inches.

Winter Weather Advisory goes into effect Wednesday for the Mid-South

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect Wednesday through Thursday morning for most of the the Mid-South.

Thursday is a FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY and here’s why

Cold Canadian air has a chilly grip on the Mid-South and more cold air is on the way.

Why The Santa Ana Winds Fuel Wildfires

California Wildfires

Wintry mix chances decreasing

Wintry Mix Potential

Chance of Wintry Weather

Chances of a wintry mix

Forecast models hinting a chance of snow next week

We’re still more than a month away from the official start of winter, but the Mid-South is already dealing with its first round of winter cold.

Cold WX: Protecting your home and plants from freezing temperatures

It's fall, but in the next few days the Mid-South is bracing for winter weather.

FIRST ALERT: Freezing temperatures this weekend

The coldest air of this season will push into the Mid-South this upcoming weekend. The freezing temperatures will occur thanks to a dip in the jet stream moving in cold Canadian air across the Mid-South.

Sunny, dry for Election Day

The rain from Monday moved east overnight, but we woke up to fog on Monday morning. After the morning fog clears, it will be a beautiful Fall day.

Breakdown: Why there could be more major hurricanes

With the number of hurricanes impacting the coast fluctuating each year, the question has been asked, “Are there more hurricanes happening now than what we saw in the past?”

First Alert: Tornado Warnings expire in several Mid-South counties

A cold front will move into the Mid-South today and give us a chance for severe thunderstorms.

Why the severe weather threat is decreasing

The Threat for Severe Weather Decreasing in spots

Arlington tornado sirens out of commission as severe weather threatens the area

The Shelby County town of Arlington is warning residents that several tornado sirens are down as storms threaten the area Monday evening.

Timeline: When to expect the storms to arrive

Storms will start north of I-40 around 5 or 6 and then move into Shelby County by 8 p.m.

First Alert: Monday Severe Weather Possible

First Alert Weather Day Monday

Breakdown: Why do we fall back?

Have you ever wondered why we fall back? The reason behind the extra hour is to adjust the daylight hours to be more usable when most of us are awake. It is meant to increase the amount of daylight we see in the morning.

Showers could dampen Mid-South trick or treating

It's Halloween, but what's really got some people spooked is our chance for rain.

Halloween forecast looking wet!

Trick-Or-Treat Forecast

Breakdown: Can Persimmons really predict the winter?

There is an old folklore, saying that you can predict the weather with a persimmon seed, just by cutting a seed open and looking for a certain shape on the inside of the seed.

Breakdown: The layer that gives us shooting stars

In previous breakdowns, we talked about the Stratosphere and the Troposphere, in this installment we are going to breakdown the Middle Layer, or the Mesosphere.

First Freeze - When does it usually happen?

Some areas of the Mid-South have seen their first frost of the fall season but none of us have yet to see our first freeze.

Breakdown: Why Seattle is not actually the rainiest city

Seattle, Washington, is known by many as the rainiest city in the United States, but it actually does not even come close to the top of the list.

Breakdown: How a fallstreak cloud forms

These unique looking clouds are formed when the water temperature in these clouds are below freezing.

Moisture From Willa Could Bring Rain

End of the week rain chances

Breakdown: How the Stratosphere protects the Earth

In a previous Breakdown we talked about the troposphere and in this new Breakdown we are going to talk about the next level of the atmosphere, the Stratosphere.

Meteorologists predict warm, wet winter for United States

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center released its latest outlook for the 2018-2019 winter season.

Our next round of rain could impact your plans

A cold front will move out of the Northern Plains Friday night and move through the Mid-South Saturday.

Breakdown: The Mid-South could be the new tornado alley

The Great Plains is typically referred to as tornado alley, but researchers are finding evidence that tornado alley is shifting away from the plains and into the Southeast, putting a bullseye on the Mid-South.

Breakdown: Why cold weather drops tire pressure

As temperatures start to drop, it’s good to know how to adjust your tire pressure so that your car can operate at maximum performance. This breakdown will be about how temperatures affect tire pressure.

Breakdown: Why wind shear is necessary for tornado development

During severe weather coverage, you may hear the term wind shear. Wind shear is the fast changes in wind speed or wind direction in a short period of time or distance.

  Breakdown: Why hurricanes names are retired

A look at who creates hurricane names and why some get retired

Breakdown: Why the troposphere is so important

This layer of the atmosphere rises between 10 miles up at the equator and only 5 miles up at the north and south pole.

Hurricane Michael expected to hit Florida coast as Category 4

The National Hurricane Center upgrade Michael to a Category 3 hurricane Tuesday afternoon as sustained winds near the eye of the storm reached 120 MPH with higher gusts.

TN Task Force One to join in Hurricane Michael relief

The impact on Florida's panhandle could be more severe. A state of emergency has been declared in counties across the Gulf Coast.

Breakdown: How does wind shear impact hurricanes?

During severe weather coverage or when there is talk about hurricanes, you may hear the term wind shear.

BREAKDOWN: Why birds migrate

Geese winding their way south in a v-shaped flock is the classic picture of migration, the annual, large-scale movement of birds between their breeding (summer) homes and their non-breeding (winter) homes.

Breakdown: How to get best view of Draconid meteor shower

When you think October, you may think orange, Halloween, falling leaves, cool temperatures and now you can add the Draconid meteor shower which comes annually around Oct 8. The meteor shower will peak this evening and has a history of producing a cool display.

T.S. Michael the 13th named storm of 2018

The latest update on Tropical Storm Michael

Watching Potential Cyclone # 14

The latest update on tropical wave number 14.

BREAKDOWN: Why lightning delays outdoor sporting events

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI), Lightning is the most frequent weather hazard impacting athletic events.

Breakdown: How the jet stream controls our weather

The upper level winds, known as the jet stream, can bring in cool air from the north or push warm air from the south into our area. The jet stream sits 6-9 miles above the surface of the earth, but it impacts our weather all the way down at the surface.

Tropical Update

An update on the tropics

Breakdown: Why leaves change color

As we transition into the fall season, the leaves of green will start to turn various shades of browns, yellow, purple, oranges and red. When seeing this transition have you ever wondered, why does this happen?

Hurricane Rosa to weaken, bring impacts to Southwest United States

Hurricane Rosa has rapidly intensified in the eastern Pacific Ocean, while right now a fish storm, its greatest impact will be as a weak tropical storm or depression bringing a threat of flash flooding to the southwestern United States early next week.

Breakdown: What is a stationary front?

In this breakdown I am going to be talking about stationary fronts because it is what has been causing our wet weather pattern for the last few days.

Tropical Storm Kirk forms in Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Tropical season continues, and we have two areas of development that is being watched along with a Tropical Depression and the latest named Tropical Storm.

Cold front to bring fall-like temperatures next week

The first day of fall arrives Saturday and temperatures will be lower thanks to clouds and some rain, but it will still be somewhat muggy.

The Tropics, where we are so far and future possibilities

Before hurricane season started, on June 1st we had already had an early season storm. Sub-tropical storm Alberto formed on May 25th and made landfall in Florida before moving west.

Breakdown: How it can rain fish

Your umbrella might not be strong enough if a fish fell from the sky. That is right, its no bird or plane but fish and other aquatic animals have been known to occasionally fall from the sky!

FIRST ALERT: Hurricane Florence makes landfall along Carolina coast

The Carolinas are currently being lashed by the winds and rain of Hurricane Florence. Florence is moving west northwest around 6 mph with maximum sustained winds around 90 mph and gusts exceeding that number.