Breakdown: What is a stationary front?

In this breakdown I am going to be talking about stationary fronts because it is what has been causing our wet weather pattern for the last few days.

Tropical Storm Kirk forms in Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Tropical season continues, and we have two areas of development that is being watched along with a Tropical Depression and the latest named Tropical Storm.

Cold front to bring fall-like temperatures next week

The first day of fall arrives Saturday and temperatures will be lower thanks to clouds and some rain, but it will still be somewhat muggy.

The Tropics, where we are so far and future possibilities

Before hurricane season started, on June 1st we had already had an early season storm. Sub-tropical storm Alberto formed on May 25th and made landfall in Florida before moving west.

Breakdown: How it can rain fish

Your umbrella might not be strong enough if a fish fell from the sky. That is right, its no bird or plane but fish and other aquatic animals have been known to occasionally fall from the sky!

FIRST ALERT: Hurricane Florence makes landfall along Carolina coast

The Carolinas are currently being lashed by the winds and rain of Hurricane Florence. Florence is moving west northwest around 6 mph with maximum sustained winds around 90 mph and gusts exceeding that number.

BREAKDOWN: This is what the tropical track actually means

With the tropics becoming more active, we breakdown what the cone of uncertainty is and how it shows the potential path of an impending tropical system.

FIRST ALERT: Four named storms now churning in the Atlantic Ocean

The tropics continue to be the talk of the weather community. As of now, there are four named storms in the Atlantic Ocean, Subtropical Storm Joyce was named overnight, Joyce is joined along with Helene, Isaac, and of course Florence.

FIRST ALERT: Latest update on storms churning in the Tropics

All eyes are on Hurricane Florence as it continues its path towards the East Coast. As of its latest update, the storm is moving West Northwest around 17 mph with sustained maximum winds around 130 mph.

Tracking the tropics: Peak season

Florence becomes a powerful Hurricane and today is the peak of hurricane season.

Breakdown: What is a waterspout?

When at the beach, sometimes you will see a rotating column of air moving across the ocean. While it looks like a tornado we see on land, this cone of cloud-filled wind is called a Waterspout.

Cold front Monday brings rain/storms to Mid-South

Parts of the Mid-South have a low-end or MARGINAL risk for a few severe storms Monday.

Breakdown: How weather balloons help forecasters

It's a bird, now it's a plane, wait it's a weather balloon?

A few severe storms Thursday: A look which areas have the best chance

Parts of the Mid-South have a low-end or MARGINAL risk for a few severe storms Thursday. Spencer has the latest on when and where.

Breakdown: How NASA’s new spaceship can withstand 1 million degree temps

NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe for an unprecedented mission to the sun. So how does the Parker Probe withstand the extreme heat of the sun without melting?  Meteorologist Brittney Bryant explains.

Breakdown:The difference between typhoons, hurricanes, and cyclones

Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, they are all the same, officially known as tropical cyclones.

Breakdown: Why this weekend's meteor shower could be the best you've ever seen

Meteor showers are fun to watch, especially when they produce a lot of meteors. The biggest issue is trying to determine or forecast how good they will be each year.

Wall of dust covers Phoenix during monsoon season

A wall of dust covered the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area as the second monsoon storm in a span of four days hit the city.

Breakdown: Why temperatures have been unusually cool

July is usually marked by unbearable heat, but there was an abnormal drop in temperatures at the end of the month. First Alert Meteorologist Brittney Bryant explains why this cool down is so rare.

Death Valley endures hottest month ever recorded in US

The heat has backed off some across the Mid-South, but it has soared across the west for the last month.

Breakdown: Why the tropics are relatively quiet so far

What was forecasted to be an active hurricane season, has all but been quiet.

Breakdown: Why storms never developed Friday for most of the Mid-South

See what caused the Mid-South to stay storm-free on Friday while a Tornado Watch was in effect all evening.

Breakdown: The science behind sunsets

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you see an amazing sunset and other times it is totally underwhelming? There's actually science behind that mix of red and oranges in your evening sky.  Meteorologist Brittney Bryant explains.

Breakdown: How weather and climate differ

You may hear the terms, "weather" and "climate" a lot in the media and in everyday life, but do you know the difference between the two terms?

Haboob: How a wall of dust is formed in the desert

Haboob is a meteorological term used to describe a powerful sand or dust storm.

Breakdown: Beware the ‘Bolt from the Blue’

We have had several rounds of thunderstorms this summer across the Mid-South and hundreds of lightning strikes with each complex of storms.

High heat in the Mid-South, but it could be worse

Let's face it, the heat has been unreal across the Mid-South over the past few weeks, but it could be worse.

Breakdown: How clothing color can affect your body temperature

It's summer and the heat are on across the Mid-South, but did you realize that just a simple change in clothing color could make you feel cooler when outside in the summer sun?

Breakdown: How the air you breathe can become dangerous

In the summer months, air quality alerts get issued more than any other time of the year. Meteorologist Brittney Bryant explains why.

Mars 2018: Why it will be 5 times brighter than normal

Mars will shine bright in the night sky in July and early August as the planet makes its closest pass to Earth in 15 years. Meteorologist Brittney Bryant explains the best time to view it this month.

Breakdown: Why you need to keep an eye on the UV Index

The month of July is UV Safety Month, but what is a UV index and why should you care? Everyone is exposed to Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and many people are exposed to artificial sources used in various industries such as commerce and recreation. UV rays from the sun travel down to the surface of the Earth and can cause major damage to our skin. There are two main types of UV rays, that is UVA and UVB. UVA rays are longer and can cause sun damage that result in aging and wri...

  Breakdown: How rare rainbow clouds form

A rare phenomenon called an iridescent or rainbow cloud was spotted in Georgia this week.

Breakdown: Why storms in the Mid-South are going the wrong way

Much of the Mid-South has seen a series of storms this week moving from east to west, especially in West Tennessee and North Mississippi.

Second tropical storm of the season forms in Atlantic Ocean

A tropical depression currently spinning in the Atlantic Ocean is now officially Tropical Storm Beryl, according to the National Hurricane Center.

BREAKDOWN: Why smoke lingers long after the fireworks end

Every year on the 4th of July, we often experience a lot of smoke lingering in the air from the fireworks.

Breakdown: How to escape a rip current

Rip currents cause around 150 deaths per year in the United States.

Breakdown: Everything you need to know about a Mesoscale Convective System

A series of big storms have impacted the Central Plains and the Mid-South recently.

FIRST ALERT: Dangerous heat expected to impact your weekend

Get ready for a very hot day in the Mid-South. The National Weather Service out of Memphis has issued an Excessive Heat Warning for Eastern Arkansas.

Saturn and full moon shine bright this week

The full moon will coincide with Saturn's closest pass by Earth this week. Meteorologist Brittney Bryant explains the timing and best viewing practices.

Strong storms possible Wednesday night

A strong low-pressure system in Iowa is creating problems for the Mid-South.

No it's not a UFO - it's a roll cloud

A couple of weeks ago after a day of storms in the Mid-South, a viewer in Hardin County sent us a picture of a strange formation in the sky.  Some members in our newsroom asked, "Is that a cloud or a UFO?"