Woman, 86, hospitalized after pit bull attack

Woman, 86, hospitalized after pit bull attack

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An 86-year-old woman is still recovering after vicious dog attack by two pit bulls in her backyard.

The dogs were put down and their owner is facing several charges. Luckily, neighbors stepped in to fight off the dogs.

Screams for help had Raleigh neighbors leaping into action.

Neighbors say by the time they got there, her injuries were quite severe.

“Her injuries were on every appendage,” said neighbor Eric Tabor. “Both arms, her legs. She’d fought off. She had other puncture wounds, too numerous for me to count.”

The woman’s next door neighbor was the first to hear the woman’s crying out for help Tuesday morning while sitting outside in his backyard.

He said he found the 86-year-old victim on the ground trying to fight off two pit bulls.

“She was fighting, punching when he arrived, you know, for her life,” he said. “The dogs kept attacking.”

He said as he ran to grab a iron rod from his truck, he screamed for help, waking up other neighbors like Tabor across the street.

“It was scary, I’d never heard it in the neighborhood before,” Tabor said.

Tabor’s medical training immediately kicked in. For the past five years, Tabor has served as a Shelby County Reserve Emergency Service member.

“It was, it was awful,” Tabor said. “There was no words to describe it.”

Neighbors said the woman has undergone at least two surgeries and remains hospitalized.

According Memphis Animals Services, after the attack, the owner surrendered the two dogs.

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