Operation BBQ Relief to aid Hurricane Florence victims

Operation BBQ Relief to aid Hurricane Florence victims

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - During a natural disaster, food is needed just as much as anything else.

Operation BBQ Relief is getting ready to take their world-class cooking and warm smiles to help comfort those affected by Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas.

The Mississippi team with the non-profit Operation BBQ Relief is preparing to leave Saturday.

“If you had to go cook dinner for 50,000 people in a parking lot, that’s what we bring,” Mark Lamert, with Operation BBQ Relief, said.

Volunteers are packing trailers full of supplies for a large undertaking--more than 100 volunteers will cook non-stop for thousands of people in need.

“If you’ve ever seen a Boston butt, pork shoulder, it feeds about 20 people, we’ll have 800 of those cooking at one time,” Lamert said.

Smokers, gloves, food, and everything in between is being packed away. It might seem small, but a tasty, hot meal can be hard to find in a disaster zone.

Operation BBQ Relief started in 2011 to help victims of the tornado in Joplin, Missouri. It’s since served over 1 million meals.

Lambert, leader of the Mississippi Branch, loves putting his gift of championship BBQ cooking from Memphis in May team Sweet Swine O' Mine to good use.

“It’ll make you cry," he said. "I mean when you see people come through that has a little small Toyota Camry and everything that they own in this world is in that Camry, and they’ve got their kid in there or their dog, and that thing is just packed out and you can just see it in their eyes, they’re devastated. And those people appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.”

If you would like to donate to Operation BBQ Relief, click here.

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