Memphis Animal Service now offers heartworm treatment

Heartworm treatment will now be included in adoption prices

Memphis Animal Service now offers heartworm treatment

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - For the first time, the Memphis Animal Shelter is including heartworm treatment in their adoption fee for dogs who test positive for heartworms.

According to MAS, about half of the adult dogs coming into the shelter test positive, which is fatal to dogs if not treated.

Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes, making dogs in the South particularly likely to become infected.

“I was almost emotional because when you pick one that you really want, and you can't take them because they are sick and you know you can't afford their treatment, it almost made me want to cry,” said pet parent Gloria Hayes.

The treatment can be very expensive, but a $61,000 grant is now making the heartworm treatment available.

The medications, supplies, and veterinarian time for heartworm treatment will cost MAS about $200 per dog.

To learn more about adopting, visit the MAS website at this link.

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