Breakdown: This is why we have seasons

Breakdown: Why we have seasons

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The 2018 Fall Equinox starts September 22, which means a cooler weather pattern is on the way.

There are four seasons, which are caused by the earth’s tilt at 23.5 degrees. During the winter solstice, Earth is tilted away from the sun. This causes less hours of daylight and less direct sunlight, which results in cooler weather. For the summer solstice, Earth is tilted towards the sun, which results in more hours of daylight and, therefore, warmer weather.

However, the Earth is neutral and not tilted toward nor away from the sun during an equinox. This results in equal hours of daylight and night during the autumn and spring equinox. This is why we typically get more mild conditions during these seasons. As we get closer to winter, our Fall days will get colder and the time in darkness will get longer.

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