Police identify officers involved in shooting after traffic stop

Officer in OIS had previous body camera violation

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis Police Department identified the three officers involved in the officer-involved shooting of Martavious Banks.

Jamarcus Jeames, 26, was identified as the officer who shot Banks. He's been with MPD since March 2017.

Christopher Nowell, 27, and Michael Williams II, 27, were both involved in the traffic stop and made the scene as the shooting occurred. Nowell has been with MPD since 2014; Williams was hired in 2015.

One of the officers involved has been in trouble before for turning off his body camera.

Last August, Officer Williams was assisting another officer during a traffic stop. He activated his body camera while on the scene but turned it off prior to completing his duties.

Officer Williams received two written reprimands for that traffic stop – one for turning off his body camera and another for not filling out additional paperwork, called a “Response to Resistance Form.”

Williams said he turned off his body camera as he was leaving the scene when the woman being arrested became irate.

Police identify officers involved in shooting after traffic stop

He went back to help and forgot to turn his camera back on.

Williams was also cited for getting into a minor traffic accident in his police vehicle back in 2012.

Jeames was identified as the primary shooter in this incident. He got his first and only written reprimand four months ago for being involved in a minor accident with a police vehicle.

Nowell has two written reprimands – one for damaging his PDA, and another in 2015 for being involved in a one car crash. He was also sent to remedial driving class.

All three officers are off duty pending an investigation. Police said all three had body cameras and dash cameras that were not activated at the time of the shooting.

MPD is investigating why the body cameras were not on. Meanwhile, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting.

Banks was shot after fleeing a traffic stop on September 17 on Gill Avenue.

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