Process to remove Meek’s name from Ole Miss journalism school expedited

Process to remove Meek’s name from Ole Miss journalism school expedited

OXFORD, MS (WMC) - The process to remove Ed Meek's name from the Ole Miss Meek School of Journalism and New Media is being sped up.

Meek has been under fire since his post on Facebook was criticized for what many said were racist undertones.

Meek's originial Facebook post.
Meek's originial Facebook post. (Source: Facebook)

It's not a quick process and several councils have to weigh in.

However, university officials are trying to expedite this process in this case.

Meek asked for his name to be removed from the school after a post of his where he talked about a three percent drop in enrollment at the university, declining property values and fights on the courthouse square along side pictures of two African American woman gained a lot of attention.

A lot of people, including university chancellor Jeffrey Vitter, said the post had racial undertones.

Vitter said the Journalism and New Media faculty accepted Meek’s request and asked for an expedited process, so the graduate and undergraduate councils are voting via email.

If approved it will go to the Council of Academic Administrators then to Chancellor Vitter.

Finally, the state college board has the final say.

Meek has donated millions of dollars to the university including the donation to get the Meek name on the school.

When it comes to returning the naming gift, Vitter says state and federal terms of the agreement prohibit the university from doing that alone, but he says the school is working with the Meek family to come up with the best solution.

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