Political analyst weighs in on first Tennessee gubernatorial debate

Political analyst weighs in on first Tennessee gubernatorial debate

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Tennessee’s top gubernatorial candidates faced off Tuesday night in the first of three debates before the November election.

Overall, WMC Action News 5 Political Analyst Michael Nelson said it was a good debate in the sense that we got a better idea of who both candidates are.

Democrat Karl Dean--a lawyer and former Mayor of Nashville--went head to head with businessman Bill Lee, the Republican candidate.

The two touched on a variety of topics from schools to healthcare to jobs, showing some clear differences in their thoughts on issues like medicaid expansion.

Lee feels that expanding what he calls a broken and flawed system is a mistake for Tennessee while Dean said he thinks we need to do medicaid expansion to make sure all Tennesseans have health insurance.

“They’re different individuals. Karl Dean long experienced in city government in Nashville, Bill Lee never held a government job but long experienced individual in the business sector, and I think you saw the way in which each one kind of approached the issues,” Nelson said.

The debate also focused a lot on Memphis issues, including the Aquifer and the controversial question of should the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation investigate all officer-involved shootings.

The next gubernatorial debate is set for October 9 in Kingsport.

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