T.S. Michael the 13th named storm of 2018

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - This is update to the blog I wrote yesterday on the tropical wave #14. It has now strengthen to Tropical Storm Michael which was expected. The storm now is getting better organized and the official track by the National Hurricane Center has it strengthening to a hurricane just before landfall on the Gulf Coast.

Here is the latest track

Still some uncertainty in regards to eventual track and strength. Many models are predicting that it will have enough time to strengthen to a cat 2 before landfall while others are unsure if the time spent over the warm waters of the Gulf will be enough to get to cat 2 status.

The cone of uncertainty has shifted to the east making southern Alabama and the Florida panhandle a more likely landfall target. We will continue to monitor. At this point there is no threat for the Mid-South but it definitely bears watching as we all know things can change fast.


Sagay Galindo

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