DA takes over Edge District murder case

Victim was innocent bystander when he was shot, killed

DA takes over Edge District murder case

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It has been almost a year since an innocent bystander was killed in the Edge District.

Two men were arrested for Jonathan Booker's murder.

Now that his case is being taken over by the District Attorney’s Office, his family is hoping they’ll get answers sooner rather than later.

For Troy and Lorri Booker, walking along the Edge District brings back painful memories of their son’s death.

"You can’t describe it, words don’t describe it,” Troy said.

Surveillance video shows Jonathan walking with his friends, leaving an entertainment venue that night.

Moments later, a white Hummer is seen driving by and shortly, after four suspects are seen shooting at each other.

The driver and the passenger of the Hummer, Hayden Bowen and Calvin Smith, were arrested in February and charged with reckless homicide.

The Booker family also hopes the charges could get strengthened.

Police are still looking for one more shooter. "It's a lot of different moments that you'll never get over,” Troy said. “Stuff will never be the same, so it's frustrating."

That frustration turned into passion for Jonathan’s parents, eager to find answers and cement their son's legacy in Memphis.

Jonathan was an avid skateboarder and photographer. His logo is plastered on different shirts and businesses throughout the city.

"For every shirt, for every logo that goes out, it’s just a little bit of Jon’s happiness so all the ugliness that I have to deal with - I don’t really want it to affect Jonathan,” Lorri said.

His family hopes that spreading the logo will connect the dots for someone who may know something about the suspects in that December shooting.

"It could happen to anybody, and I just want everybody to come together to help out and not let this happen, just spread the love,” Troy said.

The case is awaiting action from the grand jury.

A date has not been set, but if you have any information that can help police please call crime stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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