Axe throwing business debuts Memphis

Axe throwing comes to Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Civil Axe has people channeling their inner lumberjack and is the first axe throwing business to open in Memphis.

It opened two weeks ago partnering with the bar Rec Room next door.

"You got a target at the end, you pick up your axe, hold it over your head and throw it," Civil Axe Partner, Martha Hample said.

"This is a great new thing to do especially if you're in a mood," she said.

Axe throwing is similar to darts. five points for a bulls-eye, three points inside the middle circle, one for the outside circle and seven if you hit the green dots.

While it might look easy, workers say it isn't. It's all about getting the right power, and the right aim, to make sure that the axe sticks.

"It's tougher to aim than it is in darts, I'm an avid dart thrower, so of course I thought I was going to nail it the first time, took me about 10 throws before I actually even stuck one, much less stuck it anywhere good," Hample said.

She says competitive axe throwing leagues will start soon.

If you were wondering, Civil Axe does serve alcohol to drink while you throw.

They say they take a lot of precautions to make sure everyone throws axes safely.

"We have coaches assigned to each one of our five lanes to make sure that everybody knows the rules and regulations, have signed off on the waivers, that they're of age and allowed to throw. Safety is of utmost importance," Hample.

You must to be 14 years old to throw an axe with a parent or guardian.

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