Jennifer Lawrence criticizes Memphis’ IRV referendum

Campaign’s video featuring Lawrence draws ire from city leader

Jennifer Lawrence criticizes Memphis’ IRV referendum

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis city leader is not happy with Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

The Save IRV Memphis campaign released a video with Lawrence encouraging voters to support Instant Runoff Voting.

“Memphis, you are about to get blindsided by your own government,” Lawrence said in the video. Memphis City Council member Berlin Boyd said this video is an effort to confuse Memphis voters.

“Why is there so much interest from outside source, from all over this country, to depict and tell our voters here in the city of Memphis what is best for them?” Boyd said. “If you ask Jennifer Lawrence, how many times have you visited Memphis?”

Ten years ago, Memphis voters approved term limits by more than 75 percent.

That referendum limited the mayor and city council members to two four-year terms.

Now, term limits are back on the ballot for November.

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