Rare albino raccoon spotted in Mid-South

Rare albino raccoon captured, relocated in Mid-South

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC) - A rare albino raccoon was spotted in the Mid-South.

This week, Alpha Wildlife owners were removing raccoons from a client's Collierville property.

They caught two raccoons: one they were expecting, but the other was not.

"After a couple days of trapping we caught this guy right here. He's an albino raccoon," Alpha Wildlife co-owner David Parrish.

Some reports said an albino raccoon appears in one out of 750,000 raccoons.

But Shelby County may be a place where you see more of the recessive gene.

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency furbearer biologist Daniel Stanfield said the raccoons are rare, but he's seen several in Shelby County.

Parrish said the catch was a surprise.

"Especially in the wild, it's color takes away any camouflage it may have to stay alive," Parrish. "So to find one this big and in the wild was kind of a surprise for us."

Parrish and Caldwell released the two raccoons back into the wild at a TWRA-approved site.

Watch: Alpha Wildlife releases albino raccoon into the wild

Parrish said as fascinating as the light-colored raccoons are, they are illegal to have as pets. But that doesn't stop some people.

"He looks cute and docile, but just like any wild animal he can be dangerous," Parrish said.

Before he was released, employees at Alpha Wildlife lovingly nicknamed the raccoon “Suggs.”

Suggs is back in the wild, but it’s a moment the two won’t soon forget.

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