MPD issued 50 reprimands after rolling out body cameras 2 years ago

MPD issued 50 reprimands after rolling out body cameras 2 years ago

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police have been using body cameras and in-car dash cameras for about two years.

The September shooting of 25-year-old Martavious Banks raised new questions about the Memphis Police Department’s body camera usage and policies.

In that shooting, three officers are being investigated for body camera de-activation.

WMC5 submitted a public records request to find out how many Memphis police officers have been disciplined for improper use of cameras.

Officials said 50 violations have been addressed by the department. Twenty-eight of those resulted in written reprimands, and 11 resulted in oral reprimands.

"They, exactly as you can tell from your numbers, have been held accountable for that,” said Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams.

Five incidents resulted in a one-day suspension without pay, and two incidents resulted in two-day suspension without pay.

There were also two incidents that resulted in a five-day suspension without pay.

The longest reprimand was one incident resulting in a 15-day suspension without pay.

There has been one negative OBR, which stands for negative observed behavior report.

"I think those numbers are actually pretty low when you have a police department that responds to over a million calls a year," Williams said.

Williams' son is one of the officers involved in the shooting of Banks.

According to MPD files, Michael Williams II does have a written reprimand in his record for a previous incident where he forgot to turn his body camera back on at a scene.

Williams spoke to WMC5 in his capacity as MPA President, saying officers do make mistakes.

"They’re also dealing with PDAs, they’re dealing with in-car computer systems and then they’re dealing with the radio, then a critical incident happens,” Williams said.

The numbers WMC5 received from this open records request do not include any disciplinary action from the Banks shooting,

Those three officers are still off duty pending an internal investigation, and the TBI is also investigating that incident.

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