Memphis orders Lime scooter company to remove its scooters

Lime launches e-scooters without permit

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A new scooter company in the Bluff City has been ordered to remove its scooters.

Just months after Bird’s arrival, Lime scooters rolled onto the streets of Memphis.

Lime is a top nationwide competitor of Bird.

Similar to Bird, Lime requires it riders to download an app which shows where they can find the nearest Lime scooter.

In some areas, Lime scooters outnumber Bird scooters.

According to city officials, the company didn't obtain a permit or operating agreement.

The city released a tweet that said, “We have served notice to the company that it must remove its scooters. If it does not comply, we are prepared to remove them.”

“It seems pretty bold to just set your scooters out all over the city and just hope that it’s not a big deal," said Memphian Oliver Miller.

He said he has no problem with there being two scooter companies in the city, but believes they should follow the appropriate way of getting the authorization to do that.

The company claimed it's been working with the city for months.

In a statement, a company spokesperson said, "We have followed all necessary steps in order to gain a permit for operations...and have hired numerous local employees in anticipation of launching Lime in the City. While we await confirmation from the City, we have deployed a limited number of e-scooters..."

The city said it’s “eager to move forward with shared mobility” but is “not yet prepared to scale up.”

No word yet on how long Lime has remove its scooters off Memphis streets.

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