First Freeze - When does it usually happen?

First Freeze

Some areas of the Mid-South have seen their first frost of the fall season but none of us have yet to see our first freeze. Typically, the first freeze in Memphis happens around November 12th. The earliest it’s ever happened is October 16th. The latest is December 11th. We came close to having the latest first freeze two years ago on December 8th, 2016 when it finally dropped to 32°. Last year, our first freeze happened much earlier on October 29th.

We have dropped into the 30s a couple of times in recent weeks, but we have come very close in the city to this point. Based on long range forecast data, it doesn’t look like we will drop to freezing at least over the next 7-10 days and maybe not even over the next two weeks. If that holds true, it may be mid-November before we hit freezing here in Memphis. That would be close to average for our first freeze. For now, keep the jacket handy but the heavy coat on stand-by.

Spencer Denton

WMC Action News 5 Meteorologist

First Alert Storm Tracking Team

Twitter: @spencerstorm5


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