Memphis Congressman calls for hearings on domestic terrorism, hate crimes

Memphis Congressman calls for hearings on domestic terrorism, hate crimes

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - After 11 Jews were gunned down at a synagogue over the weekend in Pittsburgh, democrats on Capitol Hill are calling for hearings on hate crimes and domestic terrorism.

Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen (D) is leading the call.

Cohen and other democrats sent a letter to the chair of the judiciary committee asking for the hearings.

On Monday, Cohen said enough is enough.

“We just think there needs to be hearings,” Cohen said. Cohen and two other democrats on the House judiciary committee sent a letter Monday to Republican Chair Bob Goodlatte asking for emergency hearings on hate crime, white supremacy and domestic terrorism. “These are serious criminal problems and criminal cases in our country,” Cohen said. The request comes in the wake of three incidents in a week's time.

The first was the killing of two African Americans inside a Kentucky Kroger by a white man who first tried to enter an African American church.

The second was the sending of more than a dozen pipe bombs by suspect Cesar Sayoc targeting democratic officials.

The third was the killing of 11 Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh by suspect Robert Bowers. “The Congress should not sit by and allow that to occur without doing some hearings to try to ascertain what the Congress can do in the way of laws or what the government can do to limit this type of response,” Cohen said.

It’s unclear if Goodlatte will move forward with hearings.

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