Court of Appeals halts Shelby Co. Election Commission injunction

Court of Appeals halts Shelby Co. Election Commission injunction

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A Court of Appeals has halted parts of an injunction issued last week against the Shelby County Election Commission.

The order will allow anyone who corrects an incomplete registration application to be able to vote on Election Day with a provisional ballot and not vote on a machine.

Last week, Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins ruled voters with incomplete forms should be allowed to correct any errors and vote by machine.

The stay does not include the provision that applicants with deficiencies on their applications be mailed notices of the deficiencies.

“Letters are automatically generated by the computer system when a registrant’s application is found to contain mistakes, omissions, or is otherwise incomplete,” said Linda Phillips, administrator of elections for SCEC. “This is something we were already doing.”

While SCEC personnel were attempting to contact registrants be phone when possible, State Election Coordinator instructed SCEC to discontinue that effort and to send notices by mail.

“However, in all other respects, the trail court’s injunction is stayed,” the Appellate Court ruled.

The stay of the injunction specifically addresses the issue of whether applicants who cure deficient voter registration on Election Day allowed to cast a provisional ballot on as outlined in TCA 2-7-112(a)(3)(A).

“That means that anyone who cures a deficiency on Election Day will not vote on a machine,” Linda Phillips explained. “We are encouraging everyone, especially those people who need to cure deficiencies on their voter registration forms to vote early.”

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