Mailer calls out neighbors for not voting

Mailer calls out neighbors for not voting

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - With just one week until the Mid-Term election, some voters are getting a report card that scores how often they go to the polls.

Remember how nervous we all got getting that report card when you were in school? Imagine if the teacher shared your grade with everyone in the class.

That's essentially what this non-profit is doing with this mailer when it comes to your voting record, and they say it's all in the name of democracy.

We've seen the rallies, and some people have received robo-texts and phone calls, all in an attempt to get you to vote.

The Center for Voter Information, which is based out of Washington D.C., is trying a different method – voter shaming.

“When people call us or emailed us, their concern has been, it's my business whether or not I vote,” said Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett.

Hargett said he's received some complaints about this mailer, that makes no bones about it.

They want to share who does and does not vote in your neighborhood in an effort to promote election participation.

Let's take Edward for example: he voted in two of the four last general elections. he's learning that one neighbor did vote in all our, and another neighbor only missed one.

But the question is, does that really encourage Edward to go out and vote?

“There is some demonstrative proof that it does increase turnout,” said Shelby County Elections Administrator Linda Phillips.

Phillips said whether or not you vote is all public record and studies have shown that it works.

"We have one main mission, and that's to encourage people to vote,” said founder Page Gardner. “Especially those most likely to drop off as voters between presidential and midterm elections."

Gardner said millions of Tennesseans will not vote this election, and they say this mailer will help.

Hargett isn’t so sure.

“My message for people is I'd throw it in the trash can,” Hargett said.

This group says they do hide the names of your neighbors so to protect their privacy.

It’s also important to note whether or not you vote is public record, who you voted for is private.

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