Candidate sound off: Roger Wicker

Candidate sound off: Roger Wicker
Roger Wicker answers questions ahead of the mid-term election.

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Roger Wicker is running for re-election for his U.S. Senate seat. He answered the same three questions we are asking every candidate in the days leading up to the election.

Q: What do you think should be done at the federal level to improve healthcare and health outcomes in Mississippi?

A: “We are making great strides particularly the last two years in health research. We’ve added two billion dollars each year after we’ve done away with sequestration for the National Institutes of Health. This gives us better research for cancer, Alzheimer’s and all the diseases that are costing us in a social way and also in terms of fiscal policy. We need more choices in terms of health insurance. A one size fits all Obamacare approach has not been the answer.”

Q: How would you propose to improve job opportunities and the job outlook for Mississippians?

A: “Well, of course, what we have done has been very very helpful. In this last two years, we’ve lifted the regulatory burden off of job creators and that has created millions of new jobs in the United States and in Mississippi. We’ve lifted the tax burden off of workers and also employers. It’s easier for a smalol business mom and pop to go out and hire some extra employees because their tax burden is lower.”

Q: What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

A: “I’m running on my record and that includes a record of actually taking an idea and putting it in to build language. I’m running on a team that’s given us economic growth, good judges, and lifted the burden off job creation.”

To see Roger Wicker’s full responses to each question, click on the video below:

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